What Would Jesus Listen to?

While walking through Loyola University’s Danna Center this afternoon, I stumbled upon this:

This was an interesting question, and one that produced a multitude of humorous answers–answers such as 2Pac, Kanye West, Whatever he wants to…he’s Jesus, and elevator music. I spoke with the man behind the board, Josh Harvey, who is a friend and campus director of Chi Alpha (a christian fellowship group) at Loyola. We talked about how gospel and artists like Kirk Franklin fit into this equation. He brought up a point that Jesus probably wouldn’t listen to gospel or contemporary christian music, asking “would you want to listen to music written about yourself?”

This made me curious.

I’d like to know what you guys think about that statement, and even if you’re not Christian, what do you think Jesus would be listening to if he were hanging out on Earth right now?

Also, I challenge you to identify which answer is mine.

1 comment
  1. 7ashis said:

    I have no clue which answer might be yours, but I definitely want to know who wrote chicken and grits…it might just be me, but I hadn’t realized that was a music genre! I’m not really Christian but from what I know, Jesus caused a revolution, one that was not too popular with the majority of the people. If I had to guess, I can see Jesus listening to some off-beat, not well known music that today, people might think sucks but somehow becomes a huge hit in the later years.

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