Beach House – “Myth”

Album art for Beach House's forthcoming release, Bloom – taken from Stereogum.

Beach House has always been a band that has lived by the beat of an organ’s drum machine; however, they’ve never been limited by it. With “Myth,” Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally make their 2010 release, Teen Dream, seem like a distant memory, proving that they, perhaps more than ever, know exactly where they’re at musically, and have perfected their sound. The song is driven, of course, by precise, mechanical ticking, and reveals the sounds familiar to Beach House fans: a swell of arpeggios from the keyboard harmonizing with Scally’s eighth note rhythms on guitar, along with Legrand’s unmistakeable, seductive voice that slithers over the droning tempo. “You can’t keep hangin’ on/to all that’s dead and gone,” Legrand claims, which is true to the band’s mentality. They never let the past determine what they produce in the present. The song features their simplistic, lo-fi approach, but with the addition of a deep, monotonous bass, along with the atmospheric, tasteful use of drums, Beach House boosts their sound as if they’ve mated dream pop with arena rock.

“Myth” may be considered only an extension of the songs featured on Teen Dream, making their new album Bloom (Due May 15th) seem as if it’s a sequel. However, Beach House continues to mature with their audience by staying true to their sound, and always finding new ways to amplify it.

Listen to “Myth” here:

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  1. tygoff said:

    This post was super short, but jam packed with a lot of details and descriptions! I really enjoyed it. Your writing style reminded me of the essay I had to read for the “Critiquing the Best” writing assignment. Drew Daniel’s essay was about four pages, but he included a bunch of details, metaphors, and musical language in a precise manner that made his essay one the “best.” Great job! I also like the musical language you use, like “monotonous bass” and “atmospheric, tasteful use of drums.” I really enjoyed this post and the song (I’m listening to it as I type this comment!).

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